The locations for the Lake Erie Wind Turbines are set and they are 5 miles north of the Rocky River and 8 miles northwest of Cleveland – Obliterating the shoreline view out over the Lake!

LEEDCo is fond of telling us how GREEN turbines in the Lake are – read this:

LEEDCo may say the oil will not leak but look at this link about leaking wind turbines in Michigan, these turbines are on land, image what a turbine oil spill will do to our drinking water:  leaking wind turbines are common

The department of energy previously approved a $40 million grant contingent on the developer getting the necessary permits for this development from the State of Ohio. Presently the development is on hold due to unacceptable proposed methodologies to evaluate the effects on birds. The American Bird Conservancy and the Black Swamp Bird Observatory both filed objections to the turbines. Read about it:

Here is an article describing the location of the Industrial Wind Turbines in the Lake “eight  miles Northwest of Cleveland.”. The locations are set and they are 5 miles north of the Rocky River.

View the Pending Lake Erie industrial wind turbine case here and enter a comment in the area of the website designated (i.e. Why give rights to industrialize our lake when the lake belongs to all of us including future generations)

Here is the state of Ohio’s report on Lake Erie’s economic contribution:

Read here on the Infrasound effects from Industrial Wind Turbines in Michigan which would also happen on the shores of Lake Erie.

Wind Turbines are documented to kill thousands of birds each year. Some kill thousands per month including many Eagles. Lake Erie is a major flyway for birds and water fowl.

Bald Eagles make comeback on south shore of Lake Erie:

Many experts have reported that the fossil fuels used to manufacture, transport, install and maintain giant wind turbines is greater than natural gas emissions of equivalent power generation:

Wind turbines ‘only lasting for half as long as previously thought’ as study shows they show signs of wearing out after just 12 years